How do I Cancel, Skip, or Leave a Game?

Make Sure to Message Your Game Master

Any time you need to skip a session or leave a game permanently, please make sure that you reach out to your GM and explain the situation. 

Having players randomly drop out of a game can be very confusing and frustrating when you don't know what happened. A short message to tell them why you had to leave can be very helpful. If you don't feel comfortable messaging them for any reason, you can reach out to support, and we will do our best to help you out with the situation!

If the below options don't work for any reason, please reach out to the StartPlaying Support Goblins, and we will do our best to make sure it is fixed for you!

How to Leave a Campaign

If a campaign's schedule, style, or something else isn't working out, you can up to 24 hours before the next game's start time.

Go To Your Player Dashboard

1. Click your Profile Picture at the top right corner

2. Click on "My Adventures"

Find The Campaign You Wish To Skip Or Leave

Make sure you're in the "Upcoming" sessions tab: it will show you any campaign with future sessions scheduled. Find the one you want to skip or leave and click on the Adventure's tile. (you can click the picture)

Skipping a Single Session

If you only need to miss only a single upcoming session due to scheduling conflicts or the like, you can easily skip one session.

Select the session you want to skip in the "Schedule" section on the right. The selected session will be blue with white lettering. 

In the "Actions" section in the center, click "Skip Session", and you're set!

If you skip a session by mistake, you can easily rejoin by hitting the same button, which will now read "Rejoin Session"

Leaving A Campaign

When you click on the Adventure you wish to leave, it will take you to the "Adventure Details" page that lists several options. In the "Actions" section in the middle, click on the red "Leave Campaign" button. This is what you click to leave a campaign for good. 

You must select who is leaving the game from the "Which request will this apply to?" drop-down. This is where you can cancel for only one player in cases when you have multiple players signed up on one account. 

You can also select a reason for leaving that the GM will see and can go into more detail that the GM won't see using the provided text box. This portion is not required but helpful for us to understand why you're leaving the campaign!

Click "Confirm" and you'll be officially out of that campaign!

Leaving A Campaign That Doesn't Have An Upcoming Scheduled Session

Let's say you want to leave a campaign, but the GM hasn't scheduled the next session yet. In that case, head to the "Past" Adventures tab right next to "Upcoming." From here, the steps are the same as in the Leaving a Campaign section of this article. 

Canceling A One-Shot

To cancel your signup for a one-shot session, follow the exact same steps as skipping a session. Since a one-shot is a single-session game, skipping the session is akin to leaving the one-shot.

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