How do I create and schedule an Adventure?

After you have created your Game Template, you need to create an Adventure and schedule a Session! Here is a step-by-step guide to creating your first adventure.

Navigate to your Manage Adventures page

1. Click on your Profile Picture at the top right corner

2. Click on Manage Adventures"

Create an Adventure

Click on the green "Create Adventure" button and a Create Adventure popup will appear.

Adventure Type

This is where you'll choose whether you're creating a Campaign or a One-Shot. And just for our super beginner GMs we'll throw in some vocab.

Campaign: a series of intertwined adventures set in the same world — for which the Game Master will create a backstory, settings, and exciting Non-Player Characters to help the story progress.

One-Shot: A self-contained adventure that takes players through a story arc within one session.

Game Template

This is the list of all your approved Templates. All of the data you filled out when creating the template will fill in the Adventure. You'll be able to edit that information once you create the adventure. 

Number of Players

This is where you'll choose the minimum number of players you need to run the game and the maximum number of players you're willing to have. 

Publicly Listed?

If you want your adventure to be searchable to players on the StartPlaying site, this box must be checked.

Instantly Bookable?

Players will be automatically approved to join the game if this box is checked. They will also be able to see whether an adventure is instantly bookable in the Game Search

If the box is not checked, you must pre-approve all players who request to join your Adventure. 

Early Bird Booking?

Early Bird Booking gives the first 2 players who join the adventure a 50% discount on the game's first session.

Once you have all this information in the popup, click "Create Adventure" and TAH-DAH! You're first Adventure!

Schedule a Session

Click on "Edit Adventure" and you'll be taken to the Edit Adventure page.

Under the Schedule section on the right, click "Add Session". A Schedule Session popup will appear for you to add your date/time. Then click "Schedule"

That's it! You've scheduled your first session!

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