How do I add players to my games for free?

Sometimes an IRL friend wants to join your game or maybe a cool new GM friend that you met in the StartPlaying Discord. You're a cool human who doesn't want to charge them for this session. Here is how you can add those folks to your paid scheduled session for free.

Navigate to your "Manage Adventures" page

  1. Click on your Profile Picture at the top right corner
  2. Click on "Manage Adventures"

Choose your adventure

From your Manage Adventures list, click  "Edit Adventure" on the adventure you'd like to add your free player Click on " View Requests"

From here, you see all of the requests to join your game. Click on the "Add Player" button in the top.

Type in the player's StartPlaying account email and click "Add Player"

You'll be all set with your new player added to the game for free!

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