How do I give a Custom Payment to my GM?

As long as you're signed up for a paid session on StartPlaying and have entered the card info, you should be charged automatically at the start of every session. However, there may be times when you wish to give a little more to your GM. 

Perhaps your party decides to play an extra hour or two to finish a climactic battle, and you all want to compensate the GM for the extra time. During StartPlaying charity events, participants use custom payments to donate more money in exchange for dice rerolls. Or maybe you simply want to leave a little tip for an extraordinary session. 

Whatever your reasoning, here is how to send a  Custom Payment through the StartPlaying site.

To give a custom payment, you need to enter the payment on a specific session.

If you want to pay extra or pay ahead for an upcoming session, click on the "Upcoming" tab. 

The more likely scenario is that you'll want to click on "Past". Custom payments for sessions that already happened could be tips, back pay due to a session running long, missed payment, or extra donations for charity games.

Navigate to your Past Adventures page

Click into the appropriate adventure

Click on "Custom Payment/Tip" under the Actions tile

Enter the Amount + Reason

Here you can enter the amount of your custom payment, but note that there is a $5 minimum. There will also be a 10% fee for the payment, but no payment processing fee. 

You must also enter a reason for the payment in the text box. Once you've entered all the necessary information, you can click  "Confirm"

The card on file with StartPlaying will be instantly processed, with you and the GM receiving a confirmation e-mail. You can click on "Use different credit card" at the bottom if you wish to use a different card for the Custom Payment. StartPlaying credit can not be used at this time.

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