How Do Player Referrals and Credits Work?

Referrals will give your friends a discounted StartPlaying trial and a $10 credit towards any game on the site! 

When any of the "Refer a friend" links are used, you'll give your friends a $10 credit towards their first game on a new account. When they use their $10 credit to play a game, you get $10 for your next game! 

How to refer a friend

Go To "Refer a Friend" In Your Account Settings

  1. Click on the "Credit $x.xx" at the top right of the screen

Pick The Referral Link Of Your Choice And Send It To Your Friends

Once you're in the "Refer a friend" tab, you'll see different options. 

You can click "Copy" to directly share your referral link or click the Social Media Buttons to generate referral posts for popular social media sites! 

It doesn't matter which you choose–as long as someone follows your link and creates a new StartPlaying account, they'll get the $10 credit. Note: You won't receive your $10 until your friend uses theirs. 

There's currently no limit on how many referrals you can send! You'll be able to see the accounts that have signed up/used their credit at the bottom of this screen.

How The $10 Credit Works

The first thing to be aware of is that the credit program only works when referral links are used to create brand new accounts. Existing users won't see a benefit from following a referral link.

Those who create an account by following the referral link will begin with a $10 credit on their account. This will automatically apply itself to whatever game they decide to play first. 

Once they've used up the entirety of the $10 credit, you will get your $10 credit added to your account. You can save up credits from multiple referrals for as long as you'd like. They never expire! Whatever credit you have will automatically apply itself to your next game.

These credits are just that: credit towards future games played on StartPlaying. You cannot cash them out, even if you have a Game Master profile. 

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